LIFE Adopters

We have a diverse mix of adopters, including a landlord, a medical research company, a fiat exchange and a financial education website. We have agreed to work closely with these companies as market leaders in their area. They will assist with our vision of bringing cryptocurrency to everyday people.

Pure Living Homes Limited

We are pleased to be adopting LIFE as a tokenised reward for our tenants. We always try to be different than your average landlord and we look forward to our tenants benefitting from the blockchain. We are not going to be the only landlord in the UK to adopt LIFE, but we are the first. All our tenants will be rewarded when they; Pay on time, Length of tenure (how long they have lived with is) and how they look after their home! All tenants will be given LIFE monthly and we are delighted with the feedback so far.


We are the first “fiat exchange” site in the UK to adopt a cryptocurrency (LIFE) as an international payment system. Whilst we will remain a site for fiat, we had customers from parts of the world where their payments did not reach us for 26 days. In contrast, LIFE is the most efficient and speedy way of transacting with our customers. In a perfect world we would like to move away from fiat – but cryptocurrency is still in its infancy and therefore this is a move in the right direction. Also customer buying with LIFE will not pay commission. Why? Because it will not cost us ridiculous banking fees.

Money Mindful

Money Mindful is the UK’s first free website subscriber site that brings together experts from around the country (and the world) to help each of us to learn about money; how to make it, manage it, spend it, pass it on; even what we should be teaching our kids about it. Money Mindful publishes articles, videos, tips, training and techniques from a selection of the nation’s best and brightest experts in the world of financial planning, business leadership, entrepreneurial creativity, legal and tax advice and self-development. In addition, we will feature the latest time and money-saving ideas, investment opportunities, and technological advancements designed to make your journey to financial independence understandable, straightforward and enjoyable. All our writers are experts in their own field. Their combined business experience can be measured in millennia.

Tarian PLC

At Tarian, we believe we have the world’s first efficacious Alzheimer’s Disease medication. Of similar importance, is our decade long track record of absolute safety in treating individuals which provides patients with a level of reassurance as yet unheard of in alternative potential therapies. Having witnessed first-hand the slowing, stabilising and, in some cases, reversal of symptoms in Alzheimer’s Disease patients, our primary objective is to make the treatment available to every individual who is suffering with this relentless condition. The 50 million sufferers who have received a diagnosis is expected to double over the next 20 years.

Going beyond the go-between model of existing online ordering operators and being the first to market with this unique disruptive product, Fuudel is aiming to become the combined Uber and Just Eat of this marketplace; powerful, multi-channel ordering at the front end and open channel, on-demand logistics and human capital at the back end whilst providing additional innovative suite of tools to increase revenue, reduce costs and help boost customer loyalty.