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LIFE update from the recently appointed MD

“Following on from last weeks’ Q&A session I have been reviewing all the questions that were posted by our fast-growing community. There were a considerable amount, which is fantastic to see. Clearly some of the questions blur into each other. Since joining LIFE just three weeks ago, David and I have been spending on average 1.5 days a week on community related matters. I have drafted this to ensure you as the community understand my position and intent.

“As I stated last week, we do value the passion from the community and are committed to engaging with you all proactively via future planned LIVE video Q&A sessions, social media updates and official company announcements. However, we do ask for you collectively to give us a chance to present a new plan for delivery and accept the new road map (which will include marketing and development strategies) as the necessary window for that delivery to take place. We are dedicated professionals with a history of technical delivery, commercial and marketing expertise. We anticipate a six month window to allow us to redefine the goals, with a new road map to be presented by the end of April 2018.

“Since the inception of LIFEtoken there has been a great deal of change in addressing new opportunities in a rapidly evolving space. Some opportunities have not progressed but others have and new opportunities appear each and every week. Many of your questions focus on past activities, of company directors, our adopters and announcements, which I can understand as these formed the basis for your take up of the LIFEtoken, but to some degree many have little relevance in respect of the future. Individuals make life choices and undertake new ventures, commercial agreements lapse and new ventures appear – this is all organically happening but we need to communicate these changes better to you, and we promise we will!

“I want to be clear and transparent on the direction of travel for LIFElabs going forward. Myself and the current team have to focus our efforts on product development, adopter relationships and creating a new road map that is sustainable and reflects new opportunities and the development pipeline. The previous road map has lapsed, as has certain areas of development as new adopter opportunities have altered the product road map deliverables. So, yes Beta testing, development, BitGo and Civic integrations are all running behind. The new road map and development schedule once finalised will not be subject to any deviations because we are taking the time to fully scope the requirements and ensure we can fully deliver on the objectives we set as a business.

“This structural review is a ‘hard reset’ and reflects a new start for LIFElabs from a product development and marketing perspective. Part of this review entails a new white paper and a plan to engage with you all. From March onwards there will be quarterly company announcements on activities across the company as well as a monthly LIVE Q&A video session. I do ask you for patience and in return you will be rewarded. We value the feedback from our loyal community as we continue to evolve our success criteria plans, always ensuring is a globally recognised, revered and long term success for all those that are part of it.

“Thanks for your continued passion and positive support in helping us to drive the LIFE story, brand and products forward.”

Luke Chittock, MD.