Q4 2016: LIFE begins

November: LIFE is conceived as a reward system for the housing sector, and work begins to develop the offering and the token itself.

December: Discussions and round table events held with key housing strategists.

Q1 2017: Early adoption

January: Pure Living Homes adopt LIFE as their tenant reward scheme.

February: The idea of LIFE being more than just cryptocurrency takes hold, and the concept of LIFEwallet and LIFEcard is born.

March: Focus turns to developing more robust back office systems to support LIFE growth.

Q2 2017: Pre-launch

April: Pre-launch preparations begin, and discussions with key investors progress.

May: Initial brand objectives and marketing strategies are solidified.

June: The LIFE pre-launch sale commences, and development of LIFEwallet and LIFEcard begins.

Q3 2017: Open for business

July: A highly successful pre-launch sale ends, and LIFE is made available to buy on its first fiat exchange - Cryptosaurus.cc.

August: Money Mindful adopt LIFE as an incentive for content sharing.

September: LIFE begins trading on CoinExchange.io and TIDEX, Cryptosaurus announce development to introduce a LIFE based payment option, and LIFElabs join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Q4 2017: Moving on up

October: LIFE begins trading on HitBTC, and is listed on CoinMarketCap. Tarian and Fuudel adopt LIFE as an incentive/reward, and discussions and meetings with a number of other potential adopters make good progress.

November: Discussions with potential adopters continue, and meetings with charity development advisors are held to review and improve the LIFE charity framework.

December: LIFEcard 'pre-launch' begins, and further adopters announced.

Q1 2018: Onwards...

January: Brand, marketing and social media review with our new marketing agency partner.

February: LIFEcard and LIFEwallet beta testing begins.

March: LIFE charity framework enhancements finalised, and LIFEcard/wallet beta testing concluded.

Q2 2018: And upwards...

April: LIFEwallet launched, with the first LIFEcards issued to customers.

May: Join us for the first LIFE conference in London - discover LIFE and what it can achieve!

May: Cryptosaurus adopts LIFE as a payment method.

June: Stage 2 LIFE adopters announced.

Q3/Q4 2018: To infinity, and beyond!

Stage 3 LIFE adopters to be announced, and Iris integration with LIFEwallet and LIFEcard launched (enabling touchless security and payments!)