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British Virgin Islands Government & to develop BVI~LIFE™ USD$ pegged Stablecoin

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Digital cash, like the money in your online bank account. A consumer reward system for businesses, charities, communities, and innovation projects. It can be bought, sold, and traded like shares, or used simply to purchase items from a growing number of partner retailers. Find out more


A digital wallet in the form of a mobile app for storing and sending LIFE, ETH, and BTC. The app was designed and developed with simplicity and security in mind, ensuring funds are accessible but completely secure. Find out more


A pre-paid debit card. It will enable card-based payments for goods and services using LIFEtoken and other digital currencies (including Ethereum and Bitcoin).


Our platform as a service for the philanthropic sector, supporting the utility of Blockchain technology to help advance their respective causes.


Seeing is Believing

Across the globe we already have multiple vendors adopting LIFE for loyalty rewards.

"Senditoo has a reach of 4 billion mobile phones and is connected to more than 550 operators"
. . .

Senditoo is a fast growing cross border remittance company, allowing its users to send mobile phone top-ups to friends and loved ones in three simple steps, secure, fast and easy, the service is backed by 24/7 support. Senditoo has a reach of 4 billion mobile phones and is connected to more than 550 operators across 145 countries.

"Lemonstorm is led by an experienced team and operates stores such as Discovery Channel Europe"
. . .

Lemonstorm acquires and commercialises e-commerce licenses from large brands. Unlike e-commerce service providers, Lemonstorm builds, owns and operates the brands’ official online e-commerce presence.
Brands love the concept because they get a superb online presence with global logistics. Founded in 2014, Lemonstorm is led by an experienced team and operates stores such as Discovery Channel Europe, DMAX, Bear Grylls and has just signed up Goodyear Tyres.

"Fuudel is aiming to become the combined Uber and JustEat of this marketplace"
. . .

Going beyond the go-between model of existing online ordering operators and being the first to market with this unique disruptive product, Fuudel is aiming to become the combined Uber and JustEat of this marketplace; powerful, multi-channel ordering at the front end and open channel, on-demand logistics and human capital at the back end whilst providing additional innovative suite of tools to increase revenue, reduce costs and help boost customer loyalty.


Say 'Hello' to our friends

We don't claim to be able to do everything on our own. We work closely with our innovative partners to make our vision reality.


Like the A-Team... but better !

We have all heard the saying "there is no I in team"; we also happen to endorse the same mantra, which is why LIFElabs have hand-picked a team to ensure our future success.

Profile image for Sanjay



Sanjay has 18+ years of experience as a technology leader, with an extensive career record in stakeholder satisfaction and team building in a DevOps culture. A result-oriented visionary with an entrepreneurial outlook, he has a fantastic reputation for leading and maximising cutting-edge technologies and is an advocate for disruptive innovation techniques.

Profile image for David



David has 25 years of experience as a brand advertising consultant and creative strategy architect, spending nearly 10 years at Microsoft as their Global Creative Strategy Director. His focus at LIFElabs surrounds the successful storytelling and evolution of the company’s marketing messaging across global customer communication platforms. He leads the implementation of brand and PR campaigns that support global strategic marketing and content experiences.

Profile image for Tun


Lead Developer.

Tun is a developer, researcher and educator of system security. He believes that security technologies are a fundamental part of people's lives in this digital age. He loves helping people protect their privacy better and making the best security tools and products available to everyone.

Profile image for Alvaro


Senior Developer.

Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience. Worked in the past with different companies from big corporate to start-ups, multiple stacks like Java, .Net, Javascript and cloud environments. Always keen to learn new technologies.

Profile image for Simon


Technical Ops Support.

With a background in customer service and confidential data management in the healthcare and commercial sectors, Simon has an eye for detail and process. Simon also enjoys entrepreneurial and creative elements, having created a reasonable following personally on YouTube, receiving over 1.5 million hits. Simon has an interest and passion for all things tech-related and is excited to be working in the rapidly evolving world of Blockchain.

Profile image for Nikki


Head of Operations.

A recent addition to the LIFEteam, Nikki joined us in March 2018. She has a wealth of experience after 15 years of working in HR and organisational operations. Her role within the company is to maintain the operational side of the business, supporting the whole team by ensuring that procedures and processes are in place for the smooth running of the business.

Profile image for Anwar

Anwar ALI

Community Manager.

After spending 15 years working for his family’s business in PR management, Anwar has gained extensive knowledge in customer satisfaction and care. Given his great combination of humour and relationship-building, Anwar has thrived at any task he has been presented in all fields of business. Being the primary Telegram manager for LIFElabs, he has gained the trust and respect of the LIFE community.

Profile image for Jonathon



Jonathan is a charismatic and inspirational entrepreneur who believes passionately in the potential for LIFE to make an impact across the globe. To this end, he is fully committed and adds a unique blend of philanthropy and business acumen to Lifelabs. He possesses that rare ability to get on with people from all walks of life.

Profile image for Karl



Karl has a background in sales, IT, design and website development. He has set up numerous businesses in services and marketing and has been involved in aviation simulation/VR design and production. After working as an executive assistant in the commercial sector, he was given the opportunity to involve himself in FINTECH.

Profile image for Alistair

Alistair HAMMOND


Alistair supports the LIFEvision and leads on all things creative. He has considerable senior leadership experience dealing with complex operational processes, bringing weight to LIFElabs’ operational and compliance infrastructure. He is currently advising on several LIFElabs philanthropic projects due to his excellent communication skills. He enjoys family days out (dog in tow!), as well as mountain biking trails across the country/Europe in his spare time.

Profile image for Iain



Iain is an investor and entrepreneur who is passionate about bringing LIFE to the masses and building a model that involves blockchain-based services to change every facet of daily life. Fully immersed in the crypto revolution and evangelising the benefits to all he meets, he is a true believer in changing the world and ensuring everyone has a chance to benefit.

Profile image for James

James BIRD


James has extensive experience in the management of business protocols. He is excellently placed to lead essential duties for the back of house operations division of LIFElabs, owning all aspects relating to the financial performance of the company, legal, and pending regulatory requirements, risk, procurement, and value management. With over 25 years’ worth of experience he will help to drive the new and exciting world of LIFEtoken.


For our LIFEcommunity: fans, collaborators, adopters, partners, and anyone who’s intrigued and wants to know more. Follow us for media, stories, updates, news, product developments, and general info – stay connected and in touch with us wherever you are in the world.

"Can’t really go wrong"
- David Gokhshtein (@davidgokhshtein)

"I really think people should look at @LIFElabsHQ. Can’t really go wrong with it. #crypto #cryptos #CryptoMamba"

6:17 pm - 28 Mar 2018
"The only token you will need"
- Nigel A. Swain (@polanskiswain)

"LIFE is the TOKEN for your time on earth. It is the only Token you will need, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. Nigel Swain (not all my own words)"

7:04 PM - 19 Mar 2018
"Number 6 in the top gainers"
- Crypto J LIFE (@jase_jase1987)

"It's $91,000, and yes very proud to be number 6 in the top gainers on the number 6 ranked exchange for highest volume."

7:06 AM - 8 Aug 2018
"Wish I had a quote on the site"
- Crypto Mikhail (@crypto_mikhail)

Your wish is our command : ) - Team LIFElabs

3:47 AM - 19 Apr 2018
"Long live LIFE!"
- SR (@Zengetorix)

"May we be a part of this big thing that might change the world! Long live LIFE!"

10:48 PM - 19 Aug 2018
"Light of life will spread"
- DAmar Chhetri (@AmarChhetri)

"So, the team has started scratching the potential of the project... the door will open and light of life will spread.."

2:38 PM - 16 Mar 2018
"Superb Development"
- Venkat (@onlinebtckvr)

"Superb Development, we wish you Good Luck to All the Team Members LIFE Labs and Investors, we are expecting More n more Implementations in future."

5:13 am - 8 Feb 2018
"Building an AWESOME team"
- Cryptolovett (@ocryptolovett)

"@LIFElabsHQ has got a few tricks up their sleeves :) Building an AWESOME team. Keen to see what news you guys have soon, Would love to be a Beta Tester if you want anyone in Australia"

2:15 am - 31 Jan 2018


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Because it's all a bit confusing

Are you still feeling a little bit confused about the whole coin, token and general crypto thingy ? Don't worry; we have put together a list of FAQ's to help the users of any experience get a little more up to speed.

Where and how can I buy LIFEtoken ? +
LIFEtoken is available through popular markets such as HitBTC and Tidex. You will need to purchase Bitcoin before acquiring LIFEtoken on the HitBTC market. Understandably this all seems very backwards, but it is much like switching up your regular currency to buy things abroad... it just so happens that, in the land of crypto, Bitcoin is the main currency.
What's the easiest way to buy Bitcoin ? +
There is no right or wrong answer to this question; however, for ease of use, support and a seemlessly quick sign-up process, we like CoinBase. The CoinBase website and app are both very straightforward and allow you to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash directly with your Debit or Credit card (certain restrictions do apply depending on your card provider / country of use). Once you have purchased Bitcoin, you are well on your way to becoming part of the ever-growing LIFE community.
So I have bought Bitcoin, what now ? +
Congratulations on becoming involved in the exciting sphere of cryptocurrency! Once you have purchased Bitcoin you can now transfer your Bitcoin from your 'holding' (Coinbase) wallet over to your 'trading' (HitBTC / Tidex) wallet and start buying LIFEtoken from one of the markets(HitBTC and Tidex). Understandably it all seems a bit much but it's not unlike withdrawing cash from your current account to buy goods from a physical market; most physical markets only take cash, similar to how crypto markets only take certain digital currencies as their own version of 'cash'. All you have to do is find the 'deposit' or 'receive' section of your Bitcoin wallet in your trading account, then copy it and paste it into the 'send' wallet address section of your holding account (your bitcoin wallet address will look something like 876dj12oDFGRi43SD76BNiD9d8Spod34R5). Remember, we are sending from our holding account (Coinbase) to our trading account (HitBTC / Tidex).
Why choose LIFEtoken over the rest ? +
Luckily we don't have to give you the 'hard sell' on this one as we stand by our product(s) 100% and really believe in what we do. The simple answer is: we are in it for the long run. We are far from another overnight crypto company looking to make a quick buck on the markets, which is why we have invested heavily in the future of our company by hand picking an incredible team, working full time to transform our vision into a reality. It has always been our primary goal to help others; whether it be rewarding customers for loyalty or donating to philanthropic organisations, which we feel promotes the opportunity for longevity amongst our followers.
Still confused ? (don't worry) +
If you are still confused about the whole crypto thing (don't worry we've all been there), you can always ask us a question through Twitter or contact us via our contact form at the bottom of the website; either way, we will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry (no matter how big or small).


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